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Big Love From Kauai Yoga And Fitness


  • A Powerful Handstand Exercise For Learning A Handstand

    handstand at wallReverse engineering a tuck handstand so that learning jump transitions can be easy.

    When learning to jump to a handstand from down dog, you may first tuck your legs in before extending them up.

    In this demo video my friend Luna and I are showing a powerful way to explore your handstand at the wall, so as to find your “sweet spot” in a solid tuck position.

    Once you can own that, you can bring that knowing into other handstand transitions.

    My student Jill actually came up with the idea, and I simply refined it by emphasizing some basic, yet powerful alignment tips.

    Here’s how you do it:


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  • Gluten-Free Protein Pancakes

    protein pancakeSo I have been getting a little bit creative in the kitchen, and it has been fun!

    Today I am sharing my latest creation, inspired by a friend’s gluten-free pancake recipe she shared with me. But I beefed it up (not literally silly) with all kine protein goodness! :)

    This is a pancake that is made without any grain. I particularly love it because the 2 main ingredients are egg (I used duck but you can use chicken) and bananas. Two ingredients that come right out of my backyard on our micro-farm here on Kauai! Yahoo.

    It is simple to make and I am going to show you how: (more…)

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  • Stuffed Portabella Protein Monsters

    stuffed portabellaNot sure why I am calling these monsters, cuz they are not scary, they are YUMMY. They are loaded with protein and low in carbs.

    I used leftover turkey from Thanksgiving as a stuffer and wanted to bring in some spice so cut up some spicy salami to add too. Even if you don’t use meat as a stuffing like I did, a portabella is 20% protein (in relation to it’s dried weight), so your mushroom is bringing in some protein for you right there.

    Portabella mushrooms are extraordinary in my book! They are low in calories (if you count those things) and they are big and filling in size (oh yeah!). They are full of minerals and B vitamins too. Oh, and their fiber content is pretty rocking as well.

    The day after Thanksgiving I threw these stuffed together and WILL be doing it again. Keep reading to get my easy recipe: (more…)

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  • A Gratitude Meditation For You

    prayerDid you know that the 2 phrases that hold the highest vibrational resonance are: “I love you” and “thank you“?

    The vibration of gratitude is healing and transformational. It opens us to abundance and infinite beauty.

    In the spirit of GRATITUDE I made an 11 minute GRATITUDE MEDITATION for YOU.

    Please share this meditation with anyone you know would appreciate the gift. And if you have not yet registered for my 2 week yoga and fitness challenge you still have time. It starts Monday, but you wanna start getting the emails now!

    I love you.
    Thank you for being here. (more…)

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  • A Free Yoga & Fitness Challenge

    yoga bodyIt is that time of year when most people tend to put on the pounds and wait until the New Year to shed them.

    But what if this season you could show up to your holiday parties feeling amazing, vibrant, and on top of your game?!

    I am here to support you in that!I am offering a FREE 2 week online yoga and fitness challenge that you can do on your own time, from the comfort of your own home! This challenge starts December 2, 2013!

    I am offering 2 different levels (beginner and intermediate) because a few people didn’t make it past day 3 on the last challenge I offered because they were too sore to get up and down stairs. Ouch!

    So, if you are a beginner I have a great 2 week challenge lined up for you (but it is still a challenge). And if you are a bit more seasoned, then get ready to take it up a notch! You WILL activate your body to a new level if you complete each and every video, guaranteed!

    Here is what you will receive from this challenge:


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  • Yogis Of Instagram 2014 Calendar

    acro yoga body castleSuper stoked that this super fun photo with some of my favorite women (Jill from Island Style Bamboo Jewelry and Farm and Luna from Aloha Fresh Macadamias), taken on my bday this year, will be featured in a 2014 calendar that is a fundraising project that will help bring yoga to bodies in need!!! (whew, that was a mouth full).

    The name of the calendar is YOGIS OF INSTAGRAM. Out of hundreds of photos submitted to be in this calendar, we were chosen to be April! How sweet is that?!

    All of the proceeds will go to a charity named Kula For Karma, a wonderful organization that provides therapeutic yoga, meditation and stress management to society’s most vulnerable populations at no cost to the clients or the patients! RAD!!!


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  • Why Not All Eggs And Proteins Are Considered Equal

    duck eggsLook at the size and color of these fresh EGGS from our ducks!!!

    If you don’t have your own birds I can not recommend more that you purchase your eggs locally from a farm/farmer’s market. There is truly NO comparison in the taste over a factory egg. Just imagine the freshness that is in a newly laid egg, over one that has been shipped and sitting on a shelf! Duh! And of course birds are happiest ranging freely on a farm, as the alternative usually is on top of one another in a tight cage.

    A farm fresh egg yolk is a bright and dark orange color, where a factory egg tends to be a dull yellow color. The color of our egg yolks makes me happy. Such a vibrant, enlivening color!

    A farm fresh egg from your farmer’s market can have DOUBLE the nutritional value than a factory egg too! Double! So why not spend a couple extra bucks and support your local farm as well as your own well-being.

    Fresh farm eggs also have 2x more Omega 3′s (an essential fatty acid your body needs from food) than factory raised eggs, making them better for your brain and metabolism and maybe even your mood too! (more…)

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  • Toned Legs & Firm Bootie Workout

    strong bodyMy favorite body parts to train are my legs and glutes. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having solid legs that are strong and powerful, that allow me to jump and bend down low with grace and ease. And a bootie that feels happy in a bathing suit is yet just another grand benefit of working that back side. Today I am going to share with you a leg day workout that recently won a contest for it’s richness in great details (alignment, tips, sequencing, etc) on Instagram too, so you don’t wanna miss this one!

    I have designed this workout to hit every part of your lower body! Glutes, inner thighs, quads, outer hips and hammies. Oh, I didn’t forget your calves, we work those in the 4 minute, high intensity, Tabata set that I throw into the middle of this workout to greatly boost your body’s capacity to turn you into a fat burning powerhouse for hours after your workout is complete!

    I do all my workouts from home, so hand weights and HIIT (high intensity interval training) is how I roll. I was away for the weekend at a hotel, so was using their space and weights on this particular day.

    Below I will break down each exercise for you. Giving you alignment tips on each one so you can get the most BANG for your buck. ;) There is also a short video attached to each exercise so you can see a visual. Some of us learn great that way, me included! At the very bottom of this post I made a cheat sheet for you with the entire workout written up!


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  • One Profound Tip That Will Powerfully Change Your Relationship With Food

    indian mealI am sharing a new boundary that I am creating for myself around eating because I know I am not alone on what I am declaring myself guilty of in my story below.

    I have been putting tons of time in on my computer lately and have been finding myself eating way to much as I sit and work. (Now that I have set this boundary I am actually aware of the oh-so-many-ways I had been eating unconsciously, keep reading for more insights).

    When I am doing this I am not eating to nourish my body but more as an auto-pilot mode and the result could potentially be half a bag of sweet potato chips gone before I know it! Yikes but this is a true story.


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  • Why This Soda Pop Alternative Is Better For Your Health.

    bubby water and steviaHave you seen the images of sugar cubes stacked up to show how much sugar is actually in one bottle or can of soda?! It is such a powerful image, it blows the mind! An equivalent of 9.5 sugar cubes, or if you like to think in terms of sugar packets that you would use to sweeten your coffee, about 10 of those! Holy dang!

    Not only is that a ton of sugar, but sugar (derived from sugar beets), and high fructose corn syrup (from corn) are the top GMO crops grown. Because these 2 ingredients typically sweeten sodas, that is a lot of genetically modified molecules being ingested!

    We could go on and on about other ingredients in commercial sodas such as aspartame and artificial colors, but to keep this simple we are gonna stick to the sugar element today.

    So, a smarter alternative would be a more “natural soda” indeed, or simply no soda at all. But, come on now. You know you crave a little bubbly, cold, refreshing  and sweet goodness every now and then.

    The natural sodas are cool because they are void in high fructose corn syrup, but they are can still be high in sugar (but usually in the form of cane sugar, again a safer alternative), and they are typically packaged in aluminum (a toxin to our central nervous system).

    So today I am sharing a recipe for an amazing sugar-free soda I learned from a friend! My daughter loves this stuff and when I served it at her birthday party this year the kids were lining up for more. (more…)

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