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The Bhagavad Gita, An Immersion For Mind, Body & Soul


  • A Yum Yum Pre-Workout Snack Or Dessert

    healthy dessertIf just the photo alone does not have your mouth watering, then you do NOT have the sweet tooth I do.

    OMG, this is soooooo good and made (mostly) out of organic and whole foods with the exception of the butterscotch sauce (but you can always substitute that one to suit your needs!).

    This nutritious and delicious snack or dessert is super easy and so yummy! Find out how here:


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  • Thermogenic Spices That Increase Metabolism

    spicesThe thermogenic effect (increases heat and metabolic stimulation) of these spice may help with digestion, may help to increase your metabolism and burn fat, and can also help you feel satisfied sooner too. Simply sprinkle on your meal, or season your foods with before baking or grilling.

    Now if you tend to be a hot person already, like a pitta like me, you may wanna watch out for the overload of heat especially now that summer is on it’s way. But I won’t lie, I love using these thermogenic spices, as well as the others pictured here on the daily: (more…)

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  • Fitness Tip Of The Week #1

    samantha fox olsonI am excited to bring you weekly fitness tips that you can easily integrate into your busy lifestyle. These tips will help you: feel more energized, burn fat more effectively, be a happier person, become stronger and feel lighter! How cool is that?

    Each tip will show up in your inbox at the beginning of each week so make certain to register for my free newsletter so you don’t miss any of them. Each tip will be simple and yet when practiced consistently, will reap great results in your body and life. Just the mere reminder of the potency of these simple fitness tips will inspire you to take ACTION immediately and THAT my friends is what will truly take you to the next level in your health and well-being.

    Because it is one thing to know something, yet another thing all together to practice it! Today’s tip is simple yet WILL get your body moving and your engines rev-ing! (more…)

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  • One Mind Set Tip You Must Practice To Transform Your Body With Exercise

    lotus curlYour mind set is everything! It makes or breaks your every workout and can transform your workouts and practices from a grueling chore into crazy fun playtime, every time! Not only will it change the vibe of your efforts, it will transform your body in miraculous ways too. It will tone your target ares in fabulous ways, will sculpt your body like crazy, will turn your body into a fat burning furnace machine and will leave you feeling so incredibly satisfied and proud of yourself too.

    This one mindset refinement that I am going to share with you today is something I practice every single workout. It now is actually so engraved in me, that the practice of this one tip is almost effortless for me. In other words, it is my habit. It is my mindset. This is a tool I consistently guide my students with when they need it most, whether I am training them online or in person. It can be incredibly helpful having someone coax you through this barricade until you have it set as such a habit yourself that you do it without the extra encouragement. This can be a coach, trainer, workout out buddy, but you want to surround yourself with the support to do this until you can do it for yourself effortlessly too.

    “When do I need this tip most?” you may be asking. When the exercise starts to get tough, when your muscles are starting to burn, when you start to get out of breath. This is when your mind insistently wants to jump in and tell you to back off, or worse yet, quit. THIS is not the time to back off or quit my sweet fitness friends. This is the the exact moment the exercise BEGINS! And it is at this very point in the exercise that I want you to start practicing the mind-set tip that I am going to share with you today! (more…)

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  • A Guided Meditation For Breaking Old Habits That Don’t Serve Your Highest

    break the chains yogaThere is NO doubt about it, that if you are being called to step into the most awesome version of yourself (which is exactly the intention I hold along with my online yoga and fitness group-coaching clients) exploring and enriching ALL of who you be is required! That means choosing a program that nourishes, challenges and gives you the tools to excel and propel in mind, body and spirit is critical to you ROCKET SHIPPING into your highest self consistently. Yahooooo!!!!

    Over the last couple of weeks I have shared body tips using the tools of yoga and fitness practices (see past blog posts if you missed ‘em), and today we are going to nurture the mind and spirit with a guided meditation. “A Meditation To Support Breaking Bad Habits & Being The Best Version Of You Now” is one of the meditations in my vault of mind tool meditations I use in my online yoga and fitness programs. My online yoga, fitness and meditation vault of videos is up to almost 100 videos now! Today I wanna share THIS ONE with YOU!


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  • 3 Exercises To Tone And Lift Your Butt

    buttToday the focus is on our backside! Not only will I show you a few AMAZING exercises for your buns, but we are also going to focus on the back of your legs and outer hips too (because it is all connected!).

    In my last post, “This One Exercise Mistake Will Leave Your Butt Flat” I shared with you the incredible value of optimal alignment when you are exercising, and in optimal posture when you are standing. If you happened to miss that, go ahead and read that first because regardless of how much  you are exercising or stretching, if you are repetitively doing it with not-so-ideal form, forget receiving the benefits and results you wanna see.

    Today, I am sharing 3 awesome exercises done with a resistance loop that specifically target the areas most women are interested in improving upon, their backside! And bikini season is right around the corner. Who’s gonna feel CONFIDENTLY JOYFUL this summer? I am going to help you! (more…)

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  • This One Exercise Mistake Will Leave Your Butt Flat

    small twirlIn this blog post I am going to share something with you that you may never have considered in shaping a back side you love. Alignment! Because the truth of it is, regardless of how much you are working on shaping your rear end, if you are standing and if you are working out with incorrect form, you may be training your backside to be flat and droopy.

    In the video below you will see me demo this as the “old man’s bootie” (sorry guys) and you will also learn an easy 2 step principle leading you towards radiant posture that sings with curves in all the right places. Best of all, it FEELS GOOD!

    Years of yoga training has gifted me a beautiful knowing of my body’s optimal alignment. When the lower body is in optimal alignment, your butt has great shape and greater potential to create defined glute muscles too!

    Years of studying yoga therapy and it’s principles has gifted me the practice of people watching to better understand what a person feels like in their body and how to use alignment to bring anyone into a greater expression of themselves.

    It is really simple. Femur bones forward = compresses low back and flat a$s. Femur bones back and tailbone down = a rounder back side with the potential to build muscle tone in a very beautiful way. In the video below I demonstrate how you can put this alignment into practice in your body right now. (more…)

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  • Awesome Yoga Inspired Ab Exercises & Tips For Tight Abs

    6-pack absThere are a few things that I have done differently recently that have made a huge difference in my abs and I want to share with you some of that today.

    You may have heard the expression, “abs are made in the kitchen”, which is ABSolutely PART of it. But there are other factors that have made a huge impact for me personally.

    In the short video below I will share with you a belief I use to have around working my core and how that very point-of-view limited the potential of my 6-pack showing, and kept me from cultivating a strength in my center that supports everything  I do. Because even if tight abs are not your goal, we all know that having at very least a moderately strong core keeps our body healthy in a multitude of ways and allows us to move more freely.

    Enjoy my video below for tips on rocking your abs. Video includes 2 of my fave yoga-inspired ab exercises too! (more…)

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  • A Perfect Pre-Workout Snack

    pre-workout snackHonestly, I love peanut butter. However, because it is a legume that is susceptible to mold, it is smart to not over-indulge. So I am starting to put other nut butters to the test and today I tried cashew butter and love it.

    Cashew butter is creamy and delicious. But again, best not to over consume this one too. But if you are a big peanut butter fan, I wanna encourage you to mix up the “butters” so that your body is getting variety.

    Cashews can be prone to going rancid fast too. That is why it is best to purchase the whole cashew and not pieces. So, make sure you keep your cashew butter in the fridge after opening.

    But this snack also has a super food berry sprinkled in the midst. Can you tell what that is?


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  • Muscle-Fueling Apple Pie Oatmeal Recipe

    apple pie oatsOn colder mornings like we have been having here on Kauai I love me a warm breakfast to help warm me up.

    As you can see from my photo I was loving this breakfast so much I almost forgot to get a picture before devouring it all. Each bite so delicious and an epic fuel to begin your day with.

    Crispy apples, nutty walnuts, nourishing coconut flakes, cinnamon, maple syrup to taste and one other ingredient you may not have ever considered putting into your oatmeal to add an extra POW of healthy, muscle-making creaminess.


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